A Great Training Program for Seniors

As we age, we want to know, what is the best training program for Seniors?

The simple matter is it becomes a case of “use your fitness or lose your fitness.”

The great part is that the older athlete can actually start using their fitness AGAIN and get it back! It is not something that is gone forever.

A big part of successfully aging and a successful training program for seniors is to continue to be active.

As humans, we need to avoid inactive and sedentary aging at all possible costs.

This way of thinking applies to all ages, but is even more important when considering a training program for senior adults.

There are substantial benefits to living the life of an active adults. Older active adults that have a history of training live longer.

They also have a higher quality of life in their later years.

The more fitness or overall work capacity that humans develop earlier in life, the greater insurance policy you will have against lost fitness or work capacity later in life.

At Signum CrossFit we call this the Sickness-Wellness-Fitness continuum.
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Source: CrossFit.com

It is important that our trainers do everything possible to keep a Masters athlete training throughout their life!.

Our trainers also motivate sedentary older adults to start training, even if it is their first time.

We have several clients that find when they return to working with a personal trainer later life they can regain significant work capacity or fitness levels.

Studies show that those that have been sedentary can still decrease their risk of serious illness and risk of disability by starting a fitness program such as Signum CrossFit’s later in life.

As humans we have a tendency to make false assumptions about the inevitability decline in functionality as we age.

However we must be scientific and look past the effects of a poor sedentary lifestyle. We will all age. Father time is coming for us all and he is undefeated.

But that doesn’t mean we are helpless. We all have the ability to push back on the effects of aging by staying active.

As CrossFit Trainers, we have the power to dramatically improve the quality of life, especially for our clients that are later in life.

The answer is obvious. We want all of our client to be as fit as possible at every stage of their lives!