The title of this post may make you wonder if Signum CrossFit has passed.

Rest assured that is not the case for Signum CrossFit. In Michael Gerber’s book “The E-Myth Revisited” he has a quote that spoke to me.

“I believe it’s true that the difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them.”

Gerber goes on to explain how every small business owner needs sit down and think about the Primary Aim of their life. In other words, as a small business owner, CrossFit or not, what do you want to accomplish? What do you want your life to look like? How will you be remembered? What would your obituary say when you pass?

I have done this exercise for myself and I would suggest that everyone, not just small business owners do the same. I got to thinking, years and years down the road if Signum CrossFit had an obituary what would it say? This is what we came up with.

Signum CrossFit passed away last night due to natural causes. Its lifestyle was healthy and very active having adhered to the teachings and practices of CrossFit. Signum was born in the Summer of 2017 to the parents of Robert & Emily Connors.

Signum lived a long and very satisfying life. The life of Signum is not so much defined by the business success it achieved but by the success of its members.

Within the walls of Signum personal records (PRs) were achieved on a weekly basis. Mary was able to front squat her bodyweight after only 3 months at Signum. Joe in now able to deadlift twice his body weight. Jim was able to get his first muscle up and soon after than Mike, Tim and Emily followed. Now they are doing muscle up regularly in workouts.

Chris snatched his bodyweight after 1 year of hard work. Jean, Corey and Meghan never thought they would ever be able to Rx a workout and now they put up some of the fastest times. Females such as Courtney, Suzie, Reese, Hayle and Michelle never thought they would ever be able to do a pullup when they first entered Signum and are now doing them every day.

The list of all the athletic achievements at Signum goes on and on. However, what speaks most to what Signum represents is the way it changed lives. Relationships have been formed at Signum such as Sam and Tara or Steve and Katie and let’s not forget Jess and Corey. We even had a marriage proposal in the 6pm class between Alice and Jim.

Signum saw many kids grow up inside its walls such as Will, Reese, Rob, Mat, Graham, Casey and Andrea. These kids are the future of Signum.

Lives were saved while at Signum. Wes, Abby, Alex and Erin came to Signum suffering from diabetes and chronic diseases. Now they are living healthy lifestyles, eating better and exercising regularly. Their doctors say they have added 20 years on average to their lives. Think about that, Signum was able to provide what DaVita and its dialysis machines could never do. A cure!

Members like Tim, Kristi, Jerry, David, Jake, Dennis, Jason and Amy came to Signum with low back and knee pain. They have all lost over 50 pounds. They are now able to keep up with their kids and are off their NSAID medications.

In the future, if we were to look back, these are the kinds of things we would want people to say about Signum CrossFit. If you are at a crossroads in your life try this exercise for yourself. The difference could amount to a great life rather than a life like everyone else.