Lost in a Sea of Fitness

Have you ever tried group classes? No, I don’t mean just a CrossFit group class but any sort of group fitness class? It can be gymnastics, yoga, bootcamps, spin class, or even your local CrossFit box. Were you new to the group, looked around and felt lost in a Sea of Fitness?

Everyone there seems to be in concert. They seem to know what they are doing and they all know each other. It’s like you are back in high school and cliques have formed.

No one even knows your name except for the person at the front desk that greeted you. Your name has now been replaced with “Maam,” “Miss,” “Sir”, “Bro,” “Brah” and the much beloved “Hey you!”

Feeling lost in a CrossFit group class is the number one reason people don’t stick to the world’s most effective health & fitness routine. If you have read Sebastian Junger’s book “Tribe” or Seth Godin’s book of the same title, “Tribe” you will know what I mean.

All human’s have a deep desire to feel appreciated. We want to feel empathy and we want the world to listen to us. If you follow this blog, you know I am a big believer in the teachings of Dale Carnegie.

There comes a point when CrossFit group classes become so massive that we lose this sense of belonging to a Tribe. We are lost in a sea of fitness. We don’t feel appreciated and we feel no one is listening to us. In a class of 20+ it is impossible for even the best of CrossFit coaches to truly coach.

It becomes chaos management and group orchestra and not coaching. CrossFit can get a bad wrap for being “dangerous” because of this. But when you peel back the onion, the reason for an injury is not the training methodology but rather the application of it.

At Signum CrossFit one of our core values is Community. To us a community is a Tribe of people who’s inner values are expressed for the world to see.

At Signum we want to be the leader in service. We can not do that by providing large group classes. We limit classes sizes and even memberships to provide more one-on-one coaching time and time to build relationships.

We don’t sell access to equipment, we sell quality coaching and service. CrossFit is for everyone but large group is not and we recognize that.

If you would like to learn more CLICK HERE to schedule a No Sweat Intro. I guarantee you wont get lost in the sea of Fitness.