Here’s the Perfect Solution to Kick Start your Weight Loss Journey

(even if you struggle with accountability)

Join Our 28 Day Reset Challenge

(Grab a partner…begins on March 14th!)

Meal Plans + grocery lists by Registered Dietician to take the guess work out of your nutrition decisions.

1-on-1 meetings + midpoint check-ins so you stay on track and be held accountable to your goals.

InBody composition scans so you can see your progress and stop worrying if your at-home scale is lying to you!

28 days of dumbbell & stretching workouts so you can boost your metabolism and tone up in all the right places.

Meditation and mindfulness advice from expert Jordan Lally so you can conquer your everyday struggles and have a better relationship with your food.

12 Week Golf Workout Program E Book

you do NOT NEED to be a member of our gym to join in this challenge.

Everyone is welcome!

Listen to What Our Last Nutrition Challenge Participants had to say

“I love this place. Personal attention and incredible results. The owners and staff are very knowledgeable, encouraging and fun to be with.”

“If I could give a rating of more than 5 stars I would! I completely enjoyed working with Em and Jess. Thank you for getting me on the right track!”

“Amazing place, attentive, great instructors, friendly, unassuming. A place for challenging physical and mental fitness.”

What are the important dates?

March 7-12: Initial Measurements

March 14 @ 9:30am: Kick Off Seminar

April 14-16: Final Measurements

April 18: Potluck to announce the winners!

Frequently asked questions about our golf workout program


Do I need to be at the kickoff?

We recommend you try to attend the kickoff. We will be reviewing a lot of important information in your nutrition packet. But if you are not able to attend we have you cover. Have your partner attend and bring you your packet. We will also be recording the presentation and saving it to YouTube for you to view later.


What if i dont have a goal of weight loss?

That’s OK, our nutrition program and meal plans can be tailored to meet your fitness goals no matter if it’s losing weight or building muscle or both.


What if I cant find a partner?

If you are not able to find a partner right now we will work to find you one by the kickoff. 


Are there meal plans for vegans, vegetarians, gluten free and dairy free?

The answer is yes! We have meal plans for vegans, vegetarians, gluten free and dairy free diets. 

A Special Thank You to our challenge sponsors.