Attn: Golfers serious about their game!

This 6 WEEK GOLF WORKOUT PROGRAM is the perfect solution to add distance and longevity to your game!

(Even if you have tried other golf strength & conditioing programs only to get bored)

Golf Workout Program

Improve your strength so you can stop losing distance off the tee.

Improve your flexibility so you can start making a repeatable and fluid golf swing.

Gain distance so you can start hitting shorter irons into par 3s & 4s and reach more par 5s in two.

Get an edge over the competition because you are putting in more work than others.

Improve your overall health & fitness so you can continue to play the sport you love.


Did you know, that despite the number of rule changes to golf equipment, the top players in the world continue to add distance to their game?

Sure you can point to equipment. No doubt. The top players are also stronger, more flexible and better conditioned than 30 years ago.

But here’s the problem!

As a recreational player you don’t have access to the latest experts on biomechanics. Nor can you spend thousands of dollars on your own personal trainer and yoga instructor to add a few mph’s to your swing.

Which means you continue to lose distance off the tee. Or at best just maintain what you have.

You try to search for a golf workout program, but it gets boring. It can be very repetitive with little guidance on which exercises are the most effective.

That’s why we have developed an all encompassing golf workout program to help everyone improve flexibility & strength for the golf course.


Here is a sneak peek inside our Golf Workout Program E-Book

Tutorial videos so you know exactly how to do every movement so you can feel confident and strong in the gym.

Strength training exercises so you can generate more club head speed and start out driving your foursome.

Conditioning, accessory and core work so you will develop more endurance on the course and stop "falling apart" on the back 9.

Stretching routines so you can improve your flexibility and finally have a swing that feels effortless and fluid.

Rob’s golf workout program is excellent!! Not only did I gain strength and distance but I have better balance which increased my ball striking across the board. Better balance (quiet lower body) has helped my short game too. Excited for 2020!!

John M.

Former Collegiate Golfer

This workout program is perfect for golfers to develop the strength, flexibility and coordination required to play better golf. I trust Signum to improve my game – the exercises are easy to follow and effective for all abilities!

Ryan R

Former PGA Professional

This golf training program has helped me add distance and confidence to my game. I noticed the added strength in my core and legs and am making a more powerful transition through impact!

Josh M.

Avid Golfer & Single Digit Handicap

To sum it up you will get the following with your at 6 week golf workout eBook:


A 6 week golf workout program with workouts designed to increase your overall strength and conditioning levels as well as flexiblity for the golf course.


Upper & lower body strength training workouts to help you add clubhead speed.


Conditioning workouts so that you have more mental and physical endurance for the course.


Stretching routines to improve your flexibility so you have a swing that feels more fluid.


Links to tutorial videos so you know exactly how to perform the exercises.

Simply click add to cart and follow the prompts to pay the $49.99 via Paypal. You will then be taken to a page to download your pdf.


BONUS #1: As an added bonus we are throwing in AN ADDITIONAL 6 WEEKS of workouts for A TOTAL OF 12 WEEKS OF GOLF WORKOUTS.


BONUS #2: We also include 2 weeks of dumbbell workouts to use when you are travellig or can't make it to the gym.


BONUS #3: We will also throw in a recipe book of our favorite healthy snacks to prep for the course!

Frequently asked questions about our golf workout program


What equipment do I need for this program?

Most equipment can be found in a gym setting. We use barbells, weights, dumbbells, plyo-boxes, resistance bands, kettlebells. You will need access to an area to run. For some of the more specific equipment needs we provide alternative solutions. 


Is this golf workout program for me?

If you are already a hard core gym rat with a back ground in exercise science that just wants to get buff, this plan may not be a great fit for you. But if you take your game a little more seriously than the average hack and want to gain an edge on the competition, this golf workout program is a great fit.


Could I just find this information for free online?

You definitely can because anything can be found online these days. I fixed my kitchen sink by searching online. But it took me 10x longer than if a professional were to do it for me. But you will find a lot of nonsense as well.


What if i quickly realize this golf workout program is not for me?

Try out this program for 2 weekl. You’ll find that once you get started, even working out for something like golf is easier than you ever imagined. But if you don’t love it we have a no questions asked, 14 day money back guarantee and you can keep the PDF.

About the Creator of this Golf Workout Program

My name is Rob and I live just outside of Baltimore. Together with my wife, we own Signum, a personal training & nutrition coaching studio.

Like me, many of our clients have a love affair with golf and use their training to supplement their game.

So I wanted to create a program for active golfers that don’t live in our area or can’t afford a personal trainer.

While I am not a top 100 teaching instructor like my teacher Ted Sheftic, I do love helping others with their fitness. Check out some of my popular posts on core exercises, back exercises and hip stretches to benefit your golf game.