Keep Your Focus on the Long Term!

In my former life, I analyzed publicly traded companies to determine their ability to exceed profit expectations over the long term.

Every calendar quarter they report revenue and profit numbers. And every quarter the stock market would make a determination of the value of the company based upon these numbers.

When companies would disappoint their stock would take a hit. And when a company beat expectations, they were suddenly the greatest thing since sliced bread.

In my discussions with investors, both individuals & institutions, the majority say they don’t invest with their eyes on the next quarter. They say they care about the long term. They say they are willing to ride out near term volatility

Yet, so many of my discussions would center around the latest quarter. Not only the latest quarter, but the latest piece of industry news or data point.

At Signum we track data. Not because I am a data junky (I can show you charts of interest rates back to the mid-16th century). But because we like to know how we are doing in relation to our clients’ goals.

We measure things like water composition, body fat, body fat %, and muscle mass. We measure performance metrics such as squatting, pressing, and pulling numbers. We even have benchmark workouts that we repeat periodically in order to track performance.

When our clients come in for their monthly check-ins sometimes they can get a bit deflated because the numbers didn’t beat some of their expectations. It’s usually because they were on vacation or something popped up in the personal lives.

They get down on themselves and leave feeling a bit defeated.

Much like in my former life as an analyst, I remind my investors aka clients that the latest numbers don’t reflect the full value of their endeavor!

We remind them how far they have come.

They see the changes they have made over the last 3 to 6 months.

We stay focused on the long-term picture.

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