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Benefits of Strength Training

We all know the aesthetic benefits of strength training. But do we really consider the long term health benefits of strength training. In our youths, we all wanted large and/or toned muscles. Why? Often times it is to feed our own vanity. Or to impress others....

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Quest for Wellness

Feeling Lost in the Quest for Wellness? It is no longer a secret that daily exercise and proper nutrition are two key components to health. As a result, the fitness industry is booming! You likely have more than a handful of options offering a gamut of services within...

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Success Breeds Motivation

Success Breeds Motivation There is no shortage of motivational videos on YouTube. And after watching these, some people will go out and do something…achieve some success. But what happens when that one special video isn’t available. Or when they just don’t work any...

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We Are Going to Have to Let You Go

We Are Going to Have to Let You Go It was sunny winter day. The date was January 26, 2016. My wife and I just got back from a babymoon vacation in Aruba. I was called into my department head’s office and as I rounded the corner sitting with him was the head of human...

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