Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs describes the order in which necessities for life must be maintained to reach self-actualization (fulfillment.)

At Signum CrossFit we believe that for our team to achieve great results for our clients, they cannot neglect the basics.

The most important attribute in the best personal trainer is CONSISTENCY!

While a poorly qualified personal trainer won’t work with you for long, she WILL keep the appointments running until someone better comes along. Even a mediocre trainer can deliver great programming, and if clients are making progress, they’ll stay around.

The next most important personal training attribute is, ironically, uncoachable. It’s HAPPINESS!

The ability to shelve outside distractions and wear an excited face in front of clients is critical. I hear it all the time! Our head trainer, Kate delivers a smile to each and every client the minute they walk in the doors at Signum CrossFit!. It is ’s a non-negotiable skill for the best personal trainers.

Happiness means genuine enthusiasm for our clients at 6am and 7pm, sometimes both those hours on the same day. Clients will come for YEARS to see a happy coach like Kate, even when they think their is a cheaper gym down the road…because there always is!.

A decade ago, a curmudgeonly expert could still make a living, because there weren’t many sources of equivalent knowledge. That’s no longer the case. Clients won’t stay with a trainer if they are cranky at 6am. Sadly, many expert trainers with a plethora of knowledge leave the industry because no one likes them.

The third attribute, or level three, in the best personal trainer is knowledge.

This is usually the first thing we consider in a trainer: how much does she know? What is her background? A certification is the lowest common denominator. Is it critical, and do we want assurance that he or she knows what they are doing? Yes, but it is not enough. Coaching is mentoring, caring about people and wanting to see them succeed.

Consider how the coach imparts her experience and passion, how she communicates with others, and how sharing her knowledge motivates her clients.

Finally, the fourth level is Appropriate Intensity.

Intensity – excitement, passion – driven through knowledge and delivered in a joyous way every time. That’s magic. Intensity without knowledge causes injuries; intensity without joy causes fights, and intensity applied inconsistently causes a lack of clients sticking with the program!.