Rob Coach
Robert Connors, Founder, Founder, CF-L1, CFA, CPA
Rob's Bio
Rob spent 13 years working for an investment firm in Baltimore. He left his career in 2016 and founded Signum CrossFit to help people achieve their health & fitness goals.

Rob has a passion for building relationships and helping others.He has found that when you can accomplish things inside the walls of a CrossFit gym, this radiates into life outside the gym.

Rob thinks CrossFit is the most effective health & fitness routine and applying it in a small group and personal training environment is a great way to create results and longevity.

He wants Signum to be the leader in service. We differentiate Signum from other gyms by creating an environment that focuses on your individual goals and road blocks and creating an individualized plan to reach your goals.

I CrossFit because…

I love everything that it has given me in life. It has given me my core values of Community, Integrity, Hard Work and Excellence. It has given me my wife and our children. I love helping others and creating things that will create change in this world.

I coach because…

I love coaching! I enjoy seeing the light bulb go off in someone’s head when they figure a movement out. I love seeing someone get their first pullup or set a personal record (PR). I love being around people that are creating a better version of themselves everyday.

My favorite movements are…

Snatches and Muscle Ups!

My weakness is…


My favorite “cheat” meal is…

Pizza, Burgers, Fries, Gummy Bears, Ice Cream, basically all the good stuff!

Jess Riggin, Coach, Personal Trainer, CF-L1

Emily Coach
Emily Connors, Founder, Head Nutrition Coach, CF-L1
Emily's Bio
Emily moved to Baltimore in late 2014 after living in New York City and working in the fashion industry for 10 years. Knowing she needed to make friends, STAT, as well as knowing she needed a new workout routine, she joined her local CrossFit gym. Having never touched a barbell in her life and with little to no formal athletic background, she was quite intimidated! Little did she know that joining that gym would be the best decision of her entire life. As fate would have it the tall dark and handsome man who offered to help her move her squat rack about one month in to training (that she was very obviously struggling with)…would become her eventual husband!

CrossFit not only helped her to meet Rob as well as gain confidence she never knew she had, but it’s also provided her with an incredible support system through the community and what she knows will be lifelong friends. She CrossFitted through not one but two pregnancies (only 5 months apart!) continuing to workout to 3 weeks before delivering both beautiful healthy babies. She attributes her speedy recovery 100% to CrossFit and will preach that to anyone who’s willing to listen!
If she can bring even just a fraction of the joy and confidence it’s brought her in her daily life to the Signum community, it would be an honor.

I CrossFit because…

The group class atmosphere, not having to think and being instructed on what to do for a full hour, and knowing I’ll see all familiar smiling faces when I walk in the door. The constantly varied movements and workouts keeps it fun and interesting, it never gets boring. It challenges me both mentally and physically every time I walk through the door in a way that no other workout method ever has!

I coach because…

I truly want to help change people’s lives for the better. I believe so much in the CrossFit prescription, mainly because I’ve done it and I know it works. I absolutely can’t wait to see the smiles on the members faces as they realize their health and fitness potential. I’m not sure who’s smile will be bigger…mine or theirs!

My favorite movements are…

Overhead Squats and Power Cleans

My weakness is…

Hands down Running & Wall Balls!

My favorite “cheat” meal is…

Big juicy cheese burger with thin crispy fries followed up with Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream

Dennis Boyd, 79th Fittest Man, 55-59 Masters

I met Coach (Rob) a few years ago when I started CrossFit. At that time, I had no clue he would coach me to compete in the 2017, 55-59 (age group) mens CrossFit Open and onto the Regionals and finish 79th in the World! His Coaching is 2nd to none! He is there for me every step of the way in the gym and outside the gym! With his knowledge of programming, all my weakness became my strengths and he helps me achieve my goals. Thanks Coach.

Chris Spealler, Founder Icon Athlete & 7-time CrossFit Games Competitor

The crew at Icon Athlete is looking forward to seeing Rob develop and grow his affiliate.  Programming is an integral part of building community, providing results, and allowing the opportunity for quality coaching.  We are happy to help bring these things to the community at Signum CrossFit.

Ardyth Hall, Founder & Owner Push 511, Baltimore, MD

As a coach, Rob is knowledgeable in all the movement patterns and is excellent at articulating to the various fitness levels in a class of what is needed for each athlete. Rob understands how to motivate athletes to push themselves harder but also to step back when it requires. Rob has been the lead programmer for Push511 for several years and takes into account the diverse community making sure everyone is being tested at their level and progressing

Stan White, Founder & Owner of Outsiders Crossfit, Sparks, MD.

Rob's passion for fitness is self evident from the moment you meet him. His years of experience show his continuing dedication to be a world class coach




We can help with that! Come in and meet with our knowledgeable and caring staff and let us talk to you about how we can help you meet your goals and have fun doing it.

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